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Khadim Tours since 1992 has been the leading Hajj and Umrah travel guides in india with honesty and commitments. We will be there with you for every step of the way, from the moment you make your intention till the completion of your Hajj, Umrah and Ziyarat.

With our first-hand experience and in-depth knowledge of the region's history, culture, cuisine and accommodations, you can be sure that all your Hajj,Umrah and Ziyarat travel needs are handled professionally and efficiently.

Other Ziyarat

Baitul Maqdis, Jordan & Cairo(Egypt)

Dep: on 20th Apr 2018

Duration: 9 Days

Starting from - 1,10,000/-

Being in the Travel Industry for last 24 Years, Khadim Tours and Travels has been very successful in catering to thousands of passengers and has achieved the highest rank. Khadim Tours and Travels has devised pilgrim packages to fulfill the dreams of millions to perform Ziyarat with the comfort of flying from 5 metro cities in India with a series of departures to enable the pilgrims to travel at their convenience. Khadim Tours and Travels holds a large market share that gives the bargaining power with all suppliers resulting in economical packages for the Pilgrims.

The package starts at 1,10,000/- and pilgrims will be departing on 20th Apr 2018 for duration of 9 days.


  • Stay at Hotel 1,10,000/-

Itenaries- (Egypt)Cairo –Alexandria-Suez Canel

  • Arrival at Baghdad International Airport Meet & Assist and Transfer to Hotel or Aastana.
  • After Lunch Ziyarat of Aastana-e-SAYYEDINA SHEIKH ABDUL QADIR JILANI (R.A)

After Breakfast Ziyarat of MADAIN 40 km from Baghdad.

  • Tomb of Sahabi Hazrat SALMAN-E-FARSI (R.A).
  • Sahabi Hazrat HUZEFA AL YAMANI (R.A).
  • Historical Ruined PALACE OF QISRA.
  • Back to Hotel / Aastana

After Breakfast Full Day Ziyarat of BAGHDAD (The City of Auliya Allah)

  • Sheikh Abu Khumra (R.A), First Khalifah of Sayyedina Gaus-e-Pak
  • Imam Muhammed bin Muhammed Al Gazali (R.A).
  • Hazrat-e-MAROOF KARKHI (R.A).
  • Hazrat BISHAR-E-HAFI (R.A).
  • Hazrat SIRRI SAQATI (R.A).
  • Hazrat BEHLOOL DANA (R.A).
  • Nabiallah YUSHA BIN NOON(A.S).
  • Hazrat ZUNNUN MISRI(R.A).

After Breakfast Whole Day Ziyarat of KARBALA 2 hours journey from Baghdad

  • Tomb of IMAM HUSAIN (R.A) and IMAM ABBAS (R.A)
  • Shahadat Place of IMAM HUSAIN (R.A).
  • Graves of SHOHADA-E- KARBALA.
  • Back to Hotel / Aastana.

After Breakfast whole day Ziyarat of NAJAF and KUFA, 3 hours Journey from Baghdad.

  • Tomb of MAULA ALI (R.A).
  • Hazrat-e-HANI BIN URWAH (R.A).
  • Mehrab-e-MAULA ALI (R.A).
  • Shahadat Place of MAULA ALI (R.A).
  • House of MAULA ALI (R.A).
  • Back to Hotel / Aastana.
DAY-6 : Cairo (L.D)
  • Pyramids, Sphinx Of Giza
  • Tomb Of Imam Shafi
  • Tomb Of Ibn Ataa Ellah Elsakandri
  • Perfume Factory
  • Papyrus Factory
DAY-7 : Over Day To Alexandria (B.L.D)
  • Masjid Musri Abul-Abbas
  • Masjid Imam Busairi
  • Masjid Yakut El-Arsh
  • Masjid Of Nabiallah Danial
  • Lukman Hakim
  • Tomb Of Abu Dardaa
  • Garden Of Al-Muntazah
  • Back To Cairo
DAY-8 : Over Day To Suez & Cairo (B.L.D)
  • Suez Canal
  • Sinking Place Of Pharaoh In The Red Sea.(Surah Yunus 90/ Surah Al- Shuaraa 66 )
  • 12 Spring Water To Nabiallah Mosaa And Bani Isreal
  • Center Of War 1973 Ad Between Egyptian Army & Isreali Army In Sinai
  • Tunnel Between Continental Asia & Africa
  • Masjid Jamia Azhar
  • Masjid Hussein
  • Khan Al Khalil Market
  • Citadel Of Salahuddin Al- Ayubi
  • Masjid Mohammed Ali Pasha
  • Egyptian Museum
  • Transfer To Airport For Final Departure

May Allah Accept your Ziyarat and Thanks for Choosing Khadim Tours for the Spiritual Journey.

Hotel in Jordan : Hotel Arena
  • Ratings :
  • Duration : 2 Nights
  • Overview : The 73 luxurious spacious guestrooms and suites are equipped with individually controlled air and heating units, private bathrooms and showers, color satellite TV, direct dial telephones and mini bars. We have the following rooms available: single, double, triple.
Hotel in Baitul Maqdis : Hotel Holy Land
  • Ratings :
  • Duration : 2 Nights
  • Overview : From the hotel rooms guests can enjoy a certain view of the city among which are the Old City View (Golden Dome of the Rock and the Old City Walls), Mount of Olives, Mount of Scopus & Rockefeller’s Garden. Room Amenities are New AC/Heat, Safe Deposit Box, Mini Fridge, Screen TV, Tea Tray, Doors with Key Card System, FREE WIFI Internet.


Package Includes
  • Visa
  • Hotel stay
  • Buffet Meal
  • Meet & Assist
  • Economy Class Air Tickets
  • Transportations by A/C. Coache in Group
Package does not Includes
  • Room Service
  • Additional stay other than group would be charge extra
  • No refund incases of unused services or lesser duration of stay
  • Extra luggage other than mentioned on ticket will be paid by the pilgrim
  • Pax traveling individually other than group date, will bear the additional transportation charges as per their itinerary
  • All services are from Airport ex India.
  • The tour dates and tour programs are provisional and subject to change without notice.
  • The tour costs have been based on ex Mumbai Net Airfare of 34,000 /- INR for departures and Saudi Riyal at the rate of 18.50/-. Any increase in the above rates at the time of delivery of passport before departures of the tour shall be collected from the passengers as per the prevailing exchange rate of that day. Flight schedule and Itinerary are subject to change without prior notice. Subject to BTQ passengers only. Subject to Mumbai Jurisdiction only


Booking Policy
  • International Passport with 6 month validy
  • 4 Photo Passport size (4cm x 6cm) with White Background

Pay a minimum of 36,000 /- per person to Book your tour, Balance amount to be paid 15 days before departure or the booking will get cancelled without informing. Book with Cash or Cheque favoring Khadim Tours & Travels. If your booking is routed through our Representatives or Your Travel Agent the tour cost will remain the same as applicable and your booking amount should be in the form of Demand Draft or Cheque only favoring Khadim Tours & Travels if at all you need to pay by cash then the payment should reach our head office at Mumbai only against our official receipt. If you don't follow the above mentioned payment policy and procedure, the company shall not be responsible for the payment.

Cancellation Policy:

These are the following cancellation charges that will be applied, if any bookings are being cancelled.

  • Per person, 34,000 /- is NON REFUNDABLE
  • xx /- Between 15 to 30 days before departure
  • NO REFUND if cancelled within 15 days of departure
  • Date Change Penalty xx /- per person if made 15 days before departure or else the above cancellations shall apply
Terms and Condition
  • All packages are subject to change without prior notice
  • Room allotment as per our arrangement
  • No rooms choice will be entertained
  • Menu of the meals will be as per our arragements
  • Hotels, Flight schedule & itenerary are subject to change without prior notice
  • We are not responsible for any luggage lost or incident


Saudi Arabia Airlines
  • Luggage Should Not Exceed More the 23 KGS Per Baggage
  • Luggage Should Be warped Before Leaving the Hotel or at the Airport
  • Only 2 (TWO) Piece is Permitted In Saudi Arabia Airlines While Departure or Arrival
  • Only 1 (ONE) Hand Baggage is allowed in the cabin and it should not Exceed More Then 7 KGS
  • No Responsibility of any luggage / Baggage or Valuable lost or so caused damage at the Arrival or Departure
  • Luggage Bags/ Cartoons/ Box etc Should not be over warped with with clothes or ropes, as it is not permitted in the aircraft
Other Airlines
  • Luggage Should Be warped Before Leaving the Hotel or at the Airport
  • Airlines other then Saudi Arabian Airlines Allows Only 30 KGS of Luggage
  • If More then 30 KGS the excess weight has to paid by haji which is 65 SAR per kg
  • Only 1 (ONE) Hand Baggage is allowed in the cabin and it should not Exceed More Then 7 KGS
  • No Responsibility of any luggage / Baggage or Valuable lost or so caused damage at the Arrival or Departure
  • Luggage Bags/ Cartoons/ Box etc Should not be over warped with with clothes or ropes, as it is not permitted in the aircraft

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